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-- "Changshun Brand" Aluminum

"Changshun Brand" Aluminum of Tangshun Aluminum Co., Ltd., after constant development, has earned high reputation in the aluminum industry with the market influence expanding steadily. The company not only possesses wide production base and strong productivity, but also is equipped with the rear auxiliary traction equipment...

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Various surface finishing for Aluminum profile include: Mill finish, Anodizing, Electrophoresis, Powder coating, Wood grain, fluorine carborn painting, etc.

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project 案例

  • Guangxi Nanning Hengda Tangyue Qingshan


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    Guangxi Nanning Hengda Tangyue Qingshan
  • Nanjing Vanke Jinyu Lanwan


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    Nanjing Vanke Jinyu Lanwan
  • Sinic Amber Garden

      Sinic Amber Garden is one of the projects of Sinic Real Estate in the Pearl River Delta and Daya Bay. It is located about 500m on the east side of Aotou Exit of Huizhou-Shenzhen Coastal Expressway, can quickly access different districts of Shenzhen; in addition, it can reach the Shenzhen Northern Station from Huizhou Southern Station by CRH.

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    Sinic Amber Garden
  • Anhui Xuzhou Country Garden

      The Country Garden Group has been developing for 26 years so far with more than 1,000 projects in cities of 1-5 tires, and has brought the modern city features for more than 700 towns, and is meeting the higher demands of different areas on house and home with top quality and platinum services.

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    Anhui Xuzhou Country Garden
  • Fusheng Qianlong Shoufu

      Fusheng Qianlong Shoufu is located in Jin'an District at the cross of the south side of Fuma Road and the east of Changle Road, covering an area of 27743m2, with a building area of 61036m2, and features complete facilities and convenient traffic.

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    Fusheng Qianlong Shoufu
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